Students and Teacher of the Year

On Friday May 5th the Students and Teacher of the year were announced at the STEAM Wolverine Banquet.

Courtney is an exceptional person who is deeply committed to the learning and growth that it takes to be a STEAM student. She has dedicated her time inside and outside of the classroom as well; always volunteering her time to help out other students and teachers. She is a very bright and talented young lady, that is always striving to do better. Courtney continues to impress us with her dedication, willingness to learn, and motivation to succeed. She recently entered the Chisholm Trail Optimist Speech Contest and won, which means she moves on to the zone contest.

Jacob Kolba makes us want to be better educators. His want to learn, to understand, and to grow is remarkable. Academically, he makes it a priority to excel, and he does so, simple as that. He may be reserved, however his patience, respect, and thoughtfulness is made known to all his classmates and peers because his actions speak louder than his words. He embodies all that is a STEAM student; demonstrating unparalleled work ethic and pure character—  Thank you Jacob for all of your hard work, dedication, and determination. You are truly an inspiration to your classmates and teachers.

Ms. Parker believes that having a positive relationship with her students is critical in the success of her students.  She is preparing kids for real world context.  Sam is quick to implement any given situation.  Ms. Parker mentors and coaches several of our staff members to gain experience and growth.  She is an instructional risk taker.  Her students love her.  Through technology she individualizes the learning experience for students.  We admire her commitment to continuous improvement for herself and professionally.  STEAM is blessed to have such a self-driven, humble, dedicated, and one of the best teachers!